About me and my photography

Hello my name is Alan Roberts and I live and work in the Eden Valley in the market town of Market Brough a short step off the A66

Like many others my interest in photography started at an early age when I discovered the joy of seeing an image materialise in a darkroom.

Those days seem very distant now, as I pursue my photography via the digital medium, which whilst not as exciting as a darkroom, it still has the power to amaze and interest me...

As I journey around Cumbria and more specifically the Upper Eden Valley I marvel at the beauty of the landscape, the area is very familiar but with changes of light be it subtle or dramatic I see something different, be it a tree I have not seen before, or not realising that there is a building in a field, the behaviours of animals and Its almost like a new and different tapestry each day and from this I am inspired to take my photographs.

I love Landscape photographs, but I also like to explore activities in the area, and I always seem to have some form of project on the go, currently I am exploring farming life, working candidly has some drawbacks but is highly rewarding too.I think people are key to an area, so I enjoy visiting country shows, watching local sporting activities. Other interests are capturing "abstract" images within the whole, you could say capturing the unusual within the usual.

If you would like to learn more, about photography, I offer workshops to help people get more out of their camera and you can find out more about these as you browse these pages, if you can't find what you are looking for, (I have a vast catalogue, far too big for any website) please do contact me via the website or why not come and see me at Orton Farmers Market on each second Saturday per month.

I hope that you will find something that pleases you today and it would be great to hear from you be it as a customer or a comment it my visitors book

Thank you for your interest

Alan Roberts