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We are living in exciting times for photography. The constant advancements in the capacity of the smartphone camera has made the art form accessible to all, for some reigniting a faded, forgotten love, for others introducing the possibilities of a whole new pastime.

Whether you are just beginning to embrace the activity, an enthusiastic amateur or a more experienced intermediate, it is certain that the possibilities for photography are limited only by the photographer's creativity or technical capability. Let Alan share with you his passion, skills and experience to enhance your images and hone your ability to consistently capture first class photographic memories. With just a few top tips on the use of available light, the basics of composition or post-shot processing options you, too, could transform ordinary pictures into Fine Art photography.

Perhaps you have progressed to a DSLR, but feel bemused by its settings and shoot only in automatic mode. It's time to evolve.

Alan Roberts Photography can cover most aspects of photography to meet your needs. We will establish, after a brief initial consultation, what those needs are and will build a bespoke plan to help you achieve your aims.

I offer:
  • 1:1 tutoring
  • small group (max 4) workshops
  • half day or full day seminar and field work sessions

To find out more please get in touch by phone, email or use the website contact page.
Under 16s are most welcome but will need to be accompanied by a paying adult, please..